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10/3/2008 - RMG - GC26: Study of the core topics begins
Photo for the article -RMG – GC26: STUDY OF THE CORE TOPICS BEGINS
(ANS – Rome) – The Salesian chapter members have started work again after the weekend break, meeting in commissions to explore the core topics which make up the theme of GC26: ‘Give me souls’.

On Saturday the commissions were set up and chairmen, reporters and secretaries were elected for each. The chairmen of the four study commissions are: Fr Giovanni Mazzali (RMG), Fr Francis J. Moloney (AUL), Fr Esteban Ortiz (RMG), Fr Alberto Lorenzelli (ILT). The corresponding reporters are:  Fr Giuseppe Pellizzari (EST), Fr Vicente Tirabasso (ABB), Fr Stjepan Bolkovac (RMG) e Fr Fabio Attard (IRL). The secretaries are: Fr Václav Klement (RMG), Fr Mauro Morfino (ISA), Fr Leonardo Mancini (IRO), Fr Pier Luigi Camerini (ILE).

Each commission also chose a member responsible for drafting documents: Fr Aurelio Capra (AUL), Fr Gian Luigi Pussino (IRO), Fr Andrea Bozzolo (ICP), Fr Mario Peresson (COB). The officials of the juridical commission are chairman Fr Filiberto Rodríguez (RMG), reporter Fr Pier Fausto Frisoli (RMG) and secretary Fr Ermino De Santis (MDG).

On Saturday 8 March, Mons Carlo Chenis, Salesian Bishop of Civitavecchia – Tarquinia, presided at Mass at the end of the morning. Yesterday evening, Sunday 9 March, there was a meeting of the Central Chapter Commission, made up of the chairmen elected by the commissions, the coordinator of the drafting group, the Regulator and the Moderators. This commission, chaired by the Rector Major, is responsible for the coordination of the work of the Chapter.

Also yesterday evening there was an informal meeting between the Central Council of the Volunteers of Don Bosco (VDB) and some of the chapter members. This was led by the World Coordinator, Olga Križová and Fr Adriano Bregolin, Vicar of the Rector Major. During the gathering there was a presentation about this Secular Institute, founded by Blessed Philip Rinaldi.

The commissions will begin by considering the first two core topics: ‘Return to Don Bosco’ and ‘Necessity for Evangelisation’.

Published 10/3/2008



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