Sometimes it's necessary to do a "reset" and clean up our malicious programs

07 June 2019

Man pushes cotton swab too far into ear and resets to factory settings

Milan – The 34-year-old Milanese Tullio Della Logia is experiencing a real renaissance, having pushed a cotton swab deep into his ear, restoring the original factory settings. Now Tullio has to once again learn basic skills like speaking, eating and walking.

His wife Giada Molto talked to us about the accident: "He really only wanted to clean his ears, does it continuously, even though I always told him that the cotton swab is for external use. Suddenly Tullio froze for about 30 seconds, then he heard the reboot buzzer and he started babbling unintelligible words."

The bizarre diagnosis was carried out thanks to a team of experts composed of doctors and psychologists and a call to Vodaphone Customer Support.

"It seems that the patient hit the restart button near the end of the ear canal. This point was unknown to science, but he must have pressed it for about ten seconds to reset all his motor and cognitive capacities to factory settings, explains Pippo Pippirippò, the neurologist who leads the team. So now he's basically regressed to the stage of a just born child."

(The article is taken from the Italian satirical site Lercio which publishes humorous false news articles, which in turn had taken it from the German site Der Postillon)


Doing a "reset" in one's life like "the hero" of our story accidentally did, could perhaps in our case be the result of some concrete acts that change the vision of what you do and what you are. Thinking about this, I sought the recommendations of several psychology gurus who indicated a number of simple and simply radical steps to achieve a reset.

First, it is advisable to tidy up your surroundings: look at your room, your home ... And immediately start throwing away the junk, the garbage, what you let grow old, all those things you did and had accumulate for years and which you no longer need: the clothes you no longer use and all the junk scattered in the various corners.

Secondly, eliminate in the same way all those files that you have accumulated on your PC and that you no longer need, that don't contribute anything anymore and are there just out of habit; above all, eliminate the accumulated garbage that causes discomfort, makes you suffer and takes away your energy. Leave only what helps you for life.

Discern and discriminate between things: assign a certain place in your living space to those things that are truly significant, which represent for you experiences that deserve to be appreciated, and to the deep beliefs that help you live.

Filter incoming information, above all omit the chaotic information that represents only fleeting news; check the list of your friends and reorder them: it's not the number of followers that counts, it's the quality that really counts.

Doing a "reset" in our lives is not a simple act of will that one carries out from time to time. It is necessary to go in depth, with the help of someone who knows us and helps us, to see the waste that has accumulated on our individual hard drives, which over time have become damaging or harmful programs that weaken our abilities and slow us down and weigh us down.

I am not a guru of psychology, but I would recommend to a Catholic that the best method to balance our lives is not a cotton swab, but to put ourselves in the hands of God and experience His tenderness through that "reset" that we generally define as “a good confession”, which helps us to start life that is lighter in baggage and with more energy so as to live fully.


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