RMG – Michal Hort, with an open heart, invites you ... to dream

(ANS - Rome) - "I am a son educated by my father and mother, both past pupils, who taught me to be responsible and that in life we must be altruistic and serve others. I attended the Salesian high school, which forces you to be concrete and rational. Today I run my own company of about 50 people, which is developed in three States. There are 50 families to take care of. So yes, you must be rational." This is how Michal Hort, World President of the Don Bosco Past Pupils' Association, describes himself.

In the Salesian Family the Past Pupils represent a substantial part. How do you evaluate the current vitality of Past Pupils in the world and the different realities?

Like a sleeping giant who is waking up little by little. Europe is to be saved, Africa to be re-discovered, Latin America and Asia to be addressed and North America to be defined. The paradox is that other groups of the Christian Family often understand us better than the same Past Pupils; there is a lot to work on the identity of the Past Pupil.

How is the realization of the Programming that you have conceived with the World Council of the Confederation going?

Good, but slow. You can have as many beautiful ideas as you want but as long as people do not know it, it's hard to keep going. That's why we are putting all our strength into spreading our ideas, our Strategic Plan and our Key Projects.

It is said that in the Church it takes more secularism. Do not you think that there is too much clericalism in the laity today?

No, I think in a different way. Today there is too much secularism among the priests. I mean that they devote too much time of the day to dealing with jobs and activities that they can not do, that have not studied and that takes away too many psychic and physical forces. The priest has studied and has his vocation for souls. If he has to spend too much time on accounting, building maintenance, administrative management, it is obvious that he has no time for what he was trained and called by God. It is best to leave these things to the laymen, who have studied them and are professionals. This is why we often say that Past Pupils want to be a "Group of Service and Management".

Somewhat confidently: is it difficult to make the President of the World Confederation of Past Pupils?

Yes, it is. As it is not a job you can devote to full time. Now I understand what my personal coach meant in 2015 (when I was elected) in advising me: "Take the family and move for 2 years to Rome ...". On the other hand, however, it is stimulating, because I can fully use the talents and gifts I have received from God and see that through prayer, things move forward and progress.

What do you wish to say to Past Pupils and Past Pupils who will read this interview?

I wish to discover that being "honest citizens and good Christians" is the plan of life. I wish to understand that "Being the salt of the earth and the light of the world" is a program of action. I wish to realize that using personal skills and knowledge at the service of others, and especially of the Salesian Family, is the right way to reach heaven.

Express a note of hope, to conclude...

Understanding that Don Bosco has formed us is a thought that frees. Trying to follow it is the solution of many uncertainties. Dreaming like him is a guarantee of success... I invite all the Past Pupils to dream.

Source: Past Pupils NewsFlash


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