Malta – “Embracing Our Legacy: Journeying Together with Don Bosco”. A message from the President of the World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco

24 June 2024

(ANS – Sliema) – On 24 June, the Nativity of St John the Baptist, St John Bosco’s name day and the symbolic date of the foundation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco, the President of the World Confederation, Bryan Magro, sent a message from Malta in which, recalling the roots of the feast, he casts his gaze forward to the new challenges awaiting the Past Pupils, starting with the forthcoming Extraordinary World General Assembly.

As we celebrate our foundation day, deeply cherished by all past pupils and friends of Don Bosco, we reflect on the significance of the 24th of June. This day, more than just a date on the calendar, is a beacon that lights our way, guiding us back to our roots and reminding us of the extraordinary journey that began 154 years ago in Valdocco.

On this very day in 1870, the first group of young people, full of enthusiasm and hope, came together to celebrate the feast of our beloved Don Bosco. Led by Carlo Gastini, they met with Don Bosco not just to honour him but to form a bond, a union that would transcend time and geography. This gathering marked the birth of the first association of past pupils, a testament to the enduring legacy of Don Bosco’s vision.

This year, from the 2nd to the 6th of October, we will once again converge in Valdocco, the birthplace of our journey, for the Extraordinary General World Assembly. Representatives from all corners of the world will come together, united by the same love and gratitude that Carlo Gastini and his friends felt in 1870. We gather to honour Don Bosco, to renew our commitment to his teachings, and to celebrate the continuity of his legacy.

The theme of this year’s Assembly, “Journeying Together: Change for Continuity,” calls upon us to reflect, learn, and innovate. We are here to delve into our rich history, to draw lessons from the past that will inform our present and shape our future. In a world that is rapidly evolving, we must challenge ourselves to remain relevant and impactful.

Synodality, the concept of journeying together, is at the heart of our Assembly. It is through this collective journey that we will discover new pathways to leadership. Leadership that is inclusive, compassionate, and adaptive. Leadership that embodies the spirit of Don Bosco, who always walked alongside his followers, guiding them with love and wisdom.

Change is inevitable, and as we embrace this journey together, we recognize the need to adapt. We must be willing to reassess our methods, to innovate, and to find new ways to serve the society in which we live. It is through this willingness to change that we honour the continuity of Don Bosco’s mission.

As we stand at this pivotal moment, let us remember that we are the torchbearers of a legacy that spans over a century and a half. Our mission is to keep the flame of Don Bosco’s vision burning bright, to ensure that his teachings continue to inspire and uplift future generations.

We urge each one of you to take this opportunity to reflect on our shared journey, to engage with one another, and to contribute to the shaping of a future that is as vibrant andd impactful as our past. Together, let us embrace change, uphold our continuity, and journey forward with the same spirit of unity and dedication that brought Carlo Gastini and his friends together 154 years ago.

Bryan Magro,
President of the World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco


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