South Korea – “Bible and Life” growing amidst the digital world

07 septembre 2020
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(ANS – Seoul) – Already 37 years after starting the “Bible and Life Publications”, the Caritas Sisters of Jesus in South Korea are endeavouring to keep up this important Bible apostolate, not only with traditional printed matters (books, magazine, notebooks for writing the Bible books, prayer books, interactive catechism or Bible textbooks for children, catechumens or adult Catholic community), but they are also venturing into the digital ocean.

Even without knowing Korean, you can get an idea from their official webpage of how many different ways the 14 Caritas Sisters with their 10 lay mission partners try to keep pace in the digital media world. Also, the current 37th anniversary of Bible & Life foundation in 1983 is being “celebrated” with a new online “Catholic ON” program on the web.

As one of the 32 groups of the Salesian Family, you may perceive also the ongoing inspiration and collaboration with the SDBs of South Korea. Among their bestsellers are the books written by former KOR Provincial Fr Stefano Yang or the re-published letters of the Salesian missionary in South Sudan, late Fr John Lee (1962-2010) “Would you like to become my friend?”.

This ongoing team searching how to bring the Word of God and the salt of the Gospel to the ordinary life of Catholic Christians will become visible soon. The Caritas sisters already started their studio recording of interactive Bible programs last August on 205th Birthday of Don Bosco (August 16) and soon the CatholicON program will be online.

Bible and Life Publications Website

Bible and Life YouTube channel

Bible and Life Facebook pages

Source: AustraLasia 


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