Ask for Nothing, Refuse Nothing. The Life of St. Francis de Sales

13 février 2019
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A simple but accurate presentation of the life of Francis de Sales, one of the Masters of Catholic spirituality. The biography of the Saint is properly contextualized in the historical and religious situation in which he lived.

His apostolic work and the basic content of his spirituality are closely interwoven and are synthetically presented under the headings of “The Missionary,” “The Writer,” “The Preacher,” “The Spiritual Director,” and “The Humanist.” This structure enables the Author to briefly sketch also the content of St. Francis de Sales’ masterpieces “Controversies,” Philothea,” and “Theotimus.” The book, authored by Fr. Rene T. Lagaya, SDB, is enriched by an abundance of documentary photos in B/W which greatly help the non-European reader to have some idea of the locations where the Saint lived and numerous historical figures related to him.

World and Life Publications, 112 pages


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