Reviving Don Bosco’s Oratory

10 janvier 2018
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A new book on the experience of Don Bosco in the Valdocco Oratory. For all English reading Salesians it's a great gift. Fr. Michal Vojtas is a Salesian Priest from Slovakia, during past 10 years present in the UPS (Salesian Pontifical University) in Rome, Professor at the Education Science Department with a special attention to the 'Centro Studi Don Bosco'. "Reviving Don Bosco’s Oratory" is a fruit of his years long passionate research, now available not only in Italian, but also in English readers world wide

Fr. Vojtas presents his book: "The book starts with the development of Salesian youth ministry in the post-Vatican II period. The change from a faithful and repetitive education towards a critical and future-centered approach brought multiple risks. Focusing on organizational aspects, we analyze the underlying theories and their anthropological paradigms, especially Management by Objectives".

"Then we turn back to the original and permanent criterion for any renewal – the experience of Don Bosco in the Valdocco Oratory. His leadership and management qualities, recent leadership concepts, solid bases of the Salesian Youth Ministry and creative experiments are sewn creatively together in an innovative proposal:

  • Creation of an integral anthropological framework;
  • Development of a set of virtues-qualities at the level of action mentality, shared leadership and operative management;
  • Proposal of a transformational project cycle that merges planning, community building and discernment".

STS Publication, 324 pages

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