Leading from the Heart. An Educative Preventive Approach

14 agosto 2020
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This book published by the Institute of Salesian Studies in Berkeley, is a guide for salesians, educators and leaders to improve and deepen their roles through a better understanding of themselves and of educational processes from the Preventive System insights.

Fr. Alejandro Rodriguez SDB – Vice-Director of the Institute of Salesian Studies, Adjunct Professor at the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology, Berkeley, (CA) – unpacks what it means to be benevolent from a Salesian educational stand point and what it means to care in concrete and applicable ways. It encourages the multiple levels of change necessary to improve as an Salesian educator and leader, breaking down educational structures in their uses and the values that they promote while also encouraging the kind of soul searching that allows one to provide guidance and support. 

Fr. Rodriguez also factors in the importance of comprehending how education goes beyond the classroom for both the educator, whose experiences shape their approach, and for the student whose world is more consistent of change. The text advocates for greater dialogue, the kind that can lead an educator to invest in the future of their students and that can find ways to bring educational experiences into the lived reality of the students. This text stands out in its understanding of the world as what it is, an unstable place where educational theory will shift according the the strengths and shortfalls of each generation. Combining an understanding of Salesian values and the importance of a benevolent heart, we are better able to shape the educational efforts that will create future leaders from all walks of life.

Institute of Salesian Studies in Berkeley publisher259 pages

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